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1、项目背景 Project Background  深圳华侨城房地产有限公司是国家一级房地产综合开发企业,直属华侨城集团公司,是华侨城集团
1、项目背景 Project Background


  Under the direction of OCT Group, Shenzhen OCT Properties Co., Ltd. is a real estate development company of national level. It is the first main industry of OCT Group and one of China’s five largest real estate companies strongly supported by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

  本项目位于深圳市南山区华侨城中部,南临深南大道,西临芳华苑住宅区,北临沃尔玛超市,东临汉唐华侨城大厦。用地面积:14119.07 ㎡,地上建筑面积(计容): 151100 ㎡。

  The project is located in the middle part of OCT in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, facing Shennan Boulevard in the south, Huanghua Estate in the west, Wal-Mart in the north and Hantang OCT Building in the east. The land coverage is 14119.07 ㎡, and GFA is 151100 ㎡.

  2、竞赛内容 Competition Contents


  The competition is for the conceptual design scheme for OCT Building.

  3、竞赛方式及规则Competition Mode and Rules

  3.1 竞赛采用全球公开报名的方式, 允许联合体报名。报名的设计单位均须在国内具有超高层设计案例(包括在建及已建成),有超过200米以上超高层设计经验的将优先考虑。报名单位不要求有国内建筑工程设计甲级资质。

  The competition is open for the world, allowing application of the joint group. All the applicants shall have experiences in high-rise buildings, including the one under construction or built. Those who have the design experience in high-rise buildings of over 200 meters will have the priority. No requirement for China’s Grade A Design Certificate

  3.2 在所有报名单位中进行资格预审, 选出 4 家设计单位或联合体作为邀请的参赛单位参加竞赛, 同时选出1家备选的设计单位,如邀请的参赛单位退出,则备选的设计单位依序替补。未被邀请的设计单位或联合体将不被允许参加本次竞赛。

  In the qualification review, 4 invited institutions or joint groups will be selected as well as 1 alternatives. If any invited team quit, the alternative one will join in order. Uninvited companies or joint groups can’t participate in the competition.

  3.3 以联合体形式参加竞赛的,联合体各方应签订《联合体协议》,连同其他报名文件一并提交主办方。联合体各方不得再单独以自己名义,或者与另外的设计机构组成联合体参加此次竞赛。联合体获得设计合同的,联合体各方应指定设计牵头人,明确各方工作权责和内容。

  For that participation as a design team with more than one company, every design firm in the team should sign a Joint Participation Agreement, and hand it over with other required sign-up documents. Design firm in any joint group CAN NOT participate the competition independently or be any other joint members. If a joint-designer wins the contract, they should appoint a lead company and indicate the job responsibility for each member.

  3.4 最终的方案评审要求参赛单位现场汇报,将评选出优胜奖。原则上获得优胜的单位为中标单位,主办方与优胜方案设计团队将进行商务谈判以确定后续设计工作的实施方式。

  The final review requires all the competitors give a presentation on the spot. The jury will select 1st prize winner and it will be the successful bidder in principle. And the client will negotiate with the 1st prize winner to decide the follow-up cooperation mode.

  3.5 如获得优胜的单位放弃中标、因不可抗力不能履行合同,主办方可与评标委员会商定确定其他方案设计团队为中标人。

  If the 1st prize winner gives up the bid or can’t comply with the contract because of force majeure, the client can communicate with jury to decide another successful bidder.

  3.6 未获得优胜奖的受邀参赛单位在提交符合设计要求的成果文件后,将获得设计补偿费。

  Those invited participants who haven’t won any prize but have submitted valid design scheme can get the compensation fee.

  4、报名要求及报名文件 Eligibility and Sign-up Documents

  4.1 具有超高层设计经验的境内外设计机构均可报名,恕不接受个人及个人组合的报名。

  Any institution from home and abroad that has experience on the high-rise building design can sign up for the competition. No individual application or individual combination is accepted.

  4.2 报名文件应包括Sign-up documents include:

  1)报名表(见附件)Sign-up Form (see the attachment)


  Brief introduction of the institution, related achievement and official reference


  Photo copy of Business License/Qualification Certificate (or Business Registration Certificate) (stamped or signed)

  4)联合体协议(格式见附件)Joint Participation Agreement (see the attachment)

  5) 联合体构成说明:含各成员单位在本项目中的设计分工及所占权益比例,各成员单位的设计团队组成,承担相关设计内容的以往案例经验

  Composing of the joint group shall include: what the work responsibilities and the commission amount are for each member, how the team structure is for each joint group member and similar design experience.

  6) 工作方案:如中标拟参与本项目设计的团队人员名单、团队合作模式及设计周期等工作安排。

  Work Program: work schedule on the team member list, cooperation mode, design phases and etc.

  4.3 请报名单位根据竞赛文件要求提交以上报名文件(电子光碟1份,纸制文件1份),并于报名截止日期前提交至主办方。

  The applicants shall submit the sign-up documents (1 CD and 1 paper document included) according to the Competition File to the client before the deadline.

  4.4 参与本次竞赛活动的设计人员应为设计单位总部的在册人员,首席设计师必须由设计单位主持过多项同类型设计项目的人员担任,该设计师必须直接参与设计全过程。

  As for each signed up organization, architects for this project should be registered in its HEADQUATER; the chaired architect should be the one who has been chaired in similar projects, and he/she must be working for the whole process of this project.

  4.5 获邀请的设计单位在收到《参赛邀请函》后 2日内;向主办方提交正式的《参赛确认函》, 以确认参赛。

  Invited groups MUST hand in Participation Confirmation Letter within 2 days from the day when it is received.

  5 竞赛奖金及设计补偿费Bonus and Related Fees

  5.1 奖金: 优胜单位的奖金将包含在双方签订的下阶段设计合同中。

  Bonus:the successful bidder’s bonus will be covered in the Design Contract for the next stage.

  5.2 设计补偿费:未获得优胜奖的受邀设计单位,其提交的竞赛成果文件经审查为有效的,每家将获得RMB 20万元的设计补偿。

  Compensation: those invited participants who fail to win any prize will get a compensation of RMB200, 000 as long as their submitted schemes meet the requirements in the Design Brief.

  5.3 奖金及设计补偿费在最终竞赛评审结果公示结束后即开始办理支付手续。主办方将与受邀的设计单位和获得优胜奖的设计单位签订协议,以支付设计补偿费或奖金。

  Bonus and compensations will be paid after the result announcement being issued. The client will sign agreements with the invited design institutions and winning organizations for the payment of compensations and bonuses.

  5.4 以上奖金和设计补偿费的税金由设计单位承担。如境外设计公司需支付外汇,则由第三方代理公司代为支付款项,产生的代理中介费由设计单位承担。

  Institutions getting bonus or compensations will have to deal with taxes by themselves. For those foreign design companies who ask for foreign currency, it will be paid by a third party and intermediary fees will be covered by themselves.

  5.5 设计单位参加竞赛的所有费用均由其自行承担。

  All participants should be responsible for all their expenses.

  6、合同范围Contract Scope


  The client will negotiate with the successful bidder to decide the contract scope and design contents. Besides, the client will appoint another firm of construction drawing to cooperate with them.

  7、日程安排 Schedule

  以下所有标示时间均以北京时间为准。All dates and time listed below are Beijing time.

  ★ 竞赛报名日期:2013年 1月17日—1月26日17:00时

  Time of signing up: January 16, 2013 to 17:00 pm of January 25, 2013

  请参赛的设计单位于报名截止日期之前将报名文件提交至主办方(地址:深圳市南山区汉唐大厦 20楼,邮政编码:518067),以实际收到日期为准。

  Please deliver all signed-up documents to the client before the deadline. (Address:20 Floor of Hantang Building, Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, postcode: 518067), time will be measured while receiving the documents.

  ★ 资格预审会:初定于2013年 1月30日。  

  Qualification review meeting: temporarily January 30, 2013

  ★ 公布资格预审评审结果:初定于2013年 1月31日17:00时之前。 

  Notice of the qualification review result: temporarily before17:00, January 31, 2013.

  ★ 提交参赛确认函:初定于2013年2月4日17:00时之前。

  Submittal time of Participation Confirmation Letter: temporarily before 17:00 February 4, 2013.

  ★ 本项目不统一组织踏勘,由各投标单位自行前往。组织单位将通过邮件向邀请的参赛单位发放下阶段设计任务书,请邀请的参赛单位及时和组织单位联系。

  There won’t be a unified site visit for the project. The design firms can visit the site by themselves.

  The organizer will send the design brief of the next stage to the invited participants through email. Thus, the invited participate should contact the organizer in time.

  后续书面答疑: 2013年2月1日—2013年2月28日

  Q&A: February 1, 2013 to February 28, 2013


  Raise questions via fax or email. The client will give unified feedback to all the questions after 3 workdays.

  ★ 竞赛成果文件提交截止时间:2013年 3月5日17:00 时

  Submittal deadline: 17:00 pm on March 5, 2013


  Please submit all deliverables to the client to the appointed place (will be noticed later) before the deadline. Overdue submissions will be treated as giving up and they cannot participate in the following process of the competition.

  ★ 最终方案评审会:初定于2013年3月6日。会议地点待定。

  Final review: temporarily March 6, 2013. (Location is to be confirmed)

  ★ 公布评审结果:初定于2013年3月7日

  Notice of the final review result: temporarily March 7, 2013.

  8、资料索取 Information Inquiry


  For the Competition File, Design Brief and sign-up form, please visit the websites below:



  All the sign-up documents and final design schemes will be submitted to:



  Some of the annexes will be provided after the qualification review.

  9、主办单位及联系人Client and Contacts

  主办单位Client:深圳华侨城房地产有限公司Shenzhen OCT Properties Co.,Ltd

  组织单位Organizer:深圳市一和雅韵建筑咨询有限公司 Ehow R&D Center







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